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  • John Ford

Always Have A Song In Your Heart!

Welcome to my blog. I'm rebooting the blog (again), as I was previously remiss in keeping it up to date. Here you will find my thoughts on various subjects, but mostly music and faith related. While I am cultivating my website/domain here, my posts may be initially sporadic; however, I hope to soon blog something every week or so.

A little about me...I am John Ford and I work as a full time IT Project Manager by day; however, I have been very involved in church music. I am a member of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Pensacola, FL, having moved from the United Methodist Church to the Episcopal Church. I sing in the choir, play trumpet on special church occasions, and substitute on piano/organ when our choir director/accompanist is out of town. I was previously the Director of Music Ministries at Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Pensacola, Florida; prior to that, I was Pianist/Choir Director at Gonzalez United Methodist Church also in Pensacola, Florida.

I plan for my web site to grow so that it features original music, as well as new takes on public domain songs. I plan to discuss the music-related software I use, and provide other music-content to share with others.

I go by the moniker sus4chord and have for many, many years. I love the sound of the sus4chord, and in my faith walk, I have to say my favorite one is the Gsus (Jesus) chord.

More to come in 2020 (the year of clear vision), and I hope you always have a song in your heart!

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